We assist schools around the world with establishing global educational partnerships,
curriculum design and implementation, management structures, student development programmes, professional development programmes and governance.

Our team includes experienced Heads and senior managers with experience in
Asia, Australia, the UK and the USA.

From 2007-2017 we assisted The World Leading Schools Association to develop
international programmes in two schools in Beijing (numbers 8 and 12) and one in Shanghai (Fudan University HS). We have assisted African Leadership Academy (2005-2015), Campus Manilla Stockholm (2006-2016), Green India States Trust (2017), Keio Academy of New York (2017-2021), St Anselm’s School Washington DC (2019) and Letovo School Moscow (2010-2022).

We are currently working with Ebba Brahe Gymnasium Stockholm Sweden, LEAF Academy Bratislava Slovakia and Hunter School Richmond Virginia USA. We advise The Lumia Education Project in Sweden and The World Leading Schools Association. We administer The Montgomery Bell  International Symposium and The North Europe Schools Symposium.

Dr Ralph Townsend (UK)
Dr Lai Cheng Lim (Singapore)
Dr Bradford Gioia (USA)
Dr Jessica Ogilvy-Stuart (Hong Kong)
Philip Couzens (UK)
Timothy Parkinson (Hong Kong)
Keith Pusey (UK)

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The two symposia we administer entail the participation of two seventeen-year-old students from each member school, with a supporting teacher, in a six-month preparation programme of reading and writing under the guidance online of the Academic Director, before gathering at the host school for a week of presentations, discussion, debate and written response towards the composition on the final day of an agreed Symposium Accord. 



took place at The African Leadership Academy, Johannesburg, South Africa


6-12 April 2023


The participating schools were: African Leadership Academy South Africa, Canberra Grammar School Australia, Colegio Claustro Moderno Colombia, Garodia International Centre for Learning Mumbai India, Germantown Friends School Philadelphia USA, LSMU Gymnasium Kaunas Lithuania, Johannes Kepler Gymnasium Prague Czech Republic, Karachi Grammar School Pakistan, LEAF Academy Bratislava Slovakia, Montgomery Bell Academy Nashville USA, Nada High School Kobe Japan.

Dean: Dr Bradford Gioia                                          

Academic Director: Mr Tim Parkinson

Symposium Topic: The Future of Work and the Just Economy

                          Click on this link to read the Symposium Accord 





took place at Ebba Brahe Gymnasium Stockholm Sweden


5-11 June 2023


The participating Schools were: Ebba Brahe Gymnasium Stockholm Sweden, LSMU Gymnasium Kaunas Lithuania, Johannes Kepler Gymnasium Prague Czech Republic, LEAF  Academy Bratislava Slovakia, Oakham School UK. We welcome two new members joining NESS in 2024, Glenstal Abbey School Ireland and Kharkiv Lyceum 150 Ukraine.

Dean: Dr Ralph Townsend

Academic Director: Mr Tim Parkinson

Symposium Topic: International Relations in the Context of Politics and Economics

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